Food is a powerful and incredible tool for which we can use to promote optimal health. The required foods from person to person are different as well as the right food choices for an individual will change throughout their life. Finding what foods your body needs for right now is an integral part of living life to its fullest. Food can be many things including nourishment, communication, mental clarity, and energy. But it can also mean inflammation, impaired digestion and brain fog. We should think of food as more than just macro and micronutrients because it is more than just that. It is information that the body uses to express itself along with lifestyle and environmental factors.

Food is one of the most important tools for which the body uses to heal itself and to achieve vibrant health.  As a Nutritionist and an individual who has used food to heal and promote health in oneself, Michael here at Burlington Natural Health Centre is a witness to the power for which the right dietary measures paired with the right person can bring. And yes, food is a powerful tool but let’s not forget that it is only part of the picture, though a big part. How life is lived as well as the environment we live in have a huge impact on our overall health. Taking all three of these into consideration is vital to living life to its fullest and is what a Holistic Nutritionist does. We look at an individual as a whole.

What Nutrition Counselling Services can help with?

• Autoimmune Wellness
• Optimal digestion
• Improved blood sugar levels
• Reduction in systemic inflammation
• Sustained energy levels
• Better response to stressful situations
• Improved immune function
• Optimal cognition and reduction in brain fog
• Better understanding of how food impacts our lives
• Overall improved quality of life
• And much more

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