Do you suffer from lower back pain?

Do you have frequent headaches that never seem to go away?

Are your neck and shoulders burning with fatigue?

Your spine is your lifeline

Do your arms ache and your fingers tingle?

Are you suffering pain as the result of a work injury or car accident?

Are you active in sports, but after the game suffer from pain and stiffness?

Are you pregnant with an aching back?

Do you suffer from degenerative discs and/or arthritis?

Are you taking medication regularly for pain relief?

Are you concerned with your health in general and are looking for a different approach to health care?


If you answer ‘YES!’ to any of the questions above you should consider a consult with a chiropractor.

Scientific study has clearly shown that chiropractic treatment is highly effective for common conditions such as headache, neck pain and lower back pain for all age groups.


Your spine is your lifeline!